Water Sampling & Habitat Monitoring

Four Creeks Basins

Four Creeks Basins
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Four Creeks includes portions of 7 drainage basins.

Issaquah Creek Basin

Issaquah Creek Basin
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Issaquah Creek drainage basin covers 61 square miles.

May Creek Basin

May Creek Basin
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May Creek is a 7-mile-long stream in the Lake Washington watershed. The creek originates in the steep forested slopes of Cougar and Squak Mountains and in the highlands of the Renton Plateau.

The Four Creeks Water Sampling & Habitat Monitoring Program is focused on surface and ground water, along with wildlife habitat, in the basins within the Four Creeks/Tiger Mtn service area.

Four Creeks/Tiger Mtn area

The Four Creeks/Tiger Mtn area includes portions of 7 basins.  Initially, water sampling and habitat monitoring are in the May Creek and Issaquah basins.

Issaquah Creek Basin

Issaquah Creek sample sites

Initial sampling site is proposed to be in the Middle Issaquah Creek Natural Area on 156th Ave SE near Issaquah-Hobart Road.

County plan

1995 Issaquah Creek Basin plan

May Creek basin

May Creek sample sites

2-3 sample sites are being selected along Tributary 0291A.  In addition, at least one sample site on May Creek in May Valley is being selected.

County plan

2001 May Creek Basin plan

A summary of the water and habitat plan can be seen here


Memo of Understanding

The Stewardship Memo of Understanding between Four Creeks, CARE/SWAN, and King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks describes the context for the Water Sampling & Habitat Monitoring program.

Test kits

Four Creeks UAC is funding the creation of the initial 3 water test kits, modeled after the kits used in the King Conservation District Stream Stewardship Program.

Stream Steward Kit Inventory

2015 Prices
2016 Prices


Stream Stewards Binder (original from KCD)
Stream Steward Binder Table of Contents (original from KCD)

Stream Steward Binder Components

These are the individual files that make up the KCD Steam Steward Binder

SectionTitleKCD OriginalLocal UpdateNote
1Binder CoverWQ-00WQ-00
3Temperature ProcedureWQ-02
4pH ProtocolWQ-03
5Nitrate Nitrogen ProtocolWQ-04
6Turbidity ProtocolWQ-05
7Dissolved Oxygen ProtocolWQ-06a
8Oxygen Saturation ChartWQ-06b--
9Stream CharacteristicsWQ-07a
10Pacific Spawning Salmon IdentificationWQ-07b--
11New Zealand Mudsnail IdentificationWQ-07c--Password
12New Zealand Mudsnail Fact SheetWQ-07d--
13Stroud Macroinvertebrate Identification KeyWQ-07e--
14Stream Steward Data Entry SheetKCD-01WQ-08
15Habitat Assessment Data Entry SheetKCD-02HA-01
16E. coli Field Instructions SheeteC-01
17E. coli Sampling SiteseC-02
18Single Site Data Entry SheeteC-04
19Testing LabelseC-05
20Plate Count SheeteC-06

King County Surface Water Management

King County has a number of sample locations and flow meters throughout the basins.  KC Streams Data

King Conservation District Stream Stewardship

KCD has a stream stewards program, initially focused on Boise Creek near Enumclaw.  KCD Stream Stewards