Web Management

This page contains web site management information and is used by volunteers managing the FCUAC site.

Web Documentation

Web Files

Web Methods


  • The layout and styling of a web site is defined by a Theme selected for use on the site.
  • There are thousands of no-cost Themes, and quite a few commercial Themes.

Working with menus

  • Appearance>Menus (has 2 sections: one for the menu and one for where the menu is used).
  • Multiple menus can be created but only one can be assigned to a navigation area (e.g. top navigation bar).
  • Menus are assigned to navigation area(s) in the Theme.
  • Menu Widgets allow placing menus in widget areas.

Adding minutes

  • Get minutes into Word
  • Save using form Minutes_yyyy-mm-dd
  • Create a PDF using the same naming convention
  • Upload PDF minutes to web site Media
  • Set the Title to Minutes_yyyy-mm-dd
  • Set the Caption to Minutes mm/dd/yyyy
  • Set the Description to Minutes mm/dd/yyyy (this may turn out to be redundant.  Think the text displayed when the mouse is hovered over the text is the Caption)
  • Select and copy the URL
  • Save all changes
  • Go to the Archive Minutes page
  • Add the text (month day) for the minutes being added in the appropriate place on the page
  • Select the text (month day) for the minutes being added
  • Add Link
  • Paste the copied URL into the URL field
  • Add the Title
  • Select to Open Link in a New Window/Tab (test to make sure this works properly)
  • Update the page

 Updating home page right column

  • Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets
  • The available widgets are on the left and the places where widgets are installed (widget areas) are on the right
  • The right column on pages is a text widget in the Secondary Widget Area
  • Click on the down arrow for the widget name (Text: Calendar) to expand it for editing.
  • Save when done.
  • Community interest items method

The Events Calendar Plugin

CSS PlugIn

  • A css plugin was added because the map images on the Map page were displaying side-by-side.
  • CSS code was added to set each image ID to clear:both which caused them to stack.
  • By having a plugin for this code we avoid having to re-code the css any time the theme is updated.

Page vs. Post