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FCUAC periodically sends out an email flyer to people who have subscribed to the service. The flier usually contains information on FCUAC meeting agendas, upcoming events, important dates, and a short description of topics that may be of interest to the people in the FCUAC area.

SUBSCRIBE to the email flier here.

UNSUBSCRIBE to the email flier here.

Email information service rules

For subscribers to feel comfortable with the email service, FCUAC has adopted very stringent anti-spam practices. Some highlights of the way the service is being managed:

  • This is a “double opt-in” service meaning that not only does it require someone interested to choose to receive the email service but they must also confirm the email address they submit. This helps prevent someone other than you from putting your email address on the subscribers’ list.
  • An unsubscribe link is provided on every email sent from the information service.
  • A subscriber can choose whether to receive their email with HTML enabled (i.e. you’ll see images) or to receive the email in plain text.
  • The service attempts to be in full compliance with the U.S. CAN-SPAM act of 2003. (Do a web search using the terms “CAN SPAM” to find more information). Every time we send out an email, the service we use requires us to agree that they can terminate our account with them (without refund) if they ever receive spam complaints that are found to be in violation of either the CAN-SPAM act or do not live up to the service’s high anti-spam standards.

Spreading the word

FCUAC does not campaign to get people to subscribe to the information service. Our intent is for subscriptions to spread via word-of-mouth based on the value people receive from the service. We ask that if you no longer view the service as valuable you unsubscribe as soon as convenient. This helps us because we would like to assume that those who are on the subscription list at any given time are actually interested in the information provided.

Setting up “trust” with FCUAC

Depending on the spam filter settings you are using, you may want to watch for our information service email and “tell” your spam filter to consider Four Creeks UAC a trusted sender.

Your responsibility as customers of the FCUAC information service

There is almost no way for any product or service we use to improve if we don’t provide feedback as customers, whether positive, constructive, or critical. There is always room to improve the Four Creeks UAC information service and you, as customers, are in the best position to help us with that improvement.

This feedback will become critically important as we move toward selecting the topics of interest to the community and to help us improve the value of the service (see “What’s coming” below).

What do we do with the information you provide when subscribing?

We will never allow the subscriber list to be used other than internally to FCUAC and then only to help us understand areas of interest. The list is protected and access is limited only to those individuals at the UAC who actually manage the UAC’s information service.

Helping us, you, and our service provider

We use Mail Chimp as our email information service provider. They were chosen because of their professionalism, their concern about protecting people from spam, ease of use of their service, and cost.

As part of their advertising, they offer incentives to new users of the Mail Chimp services and to those who help pass the word. If you or an organization you know about could use a good email campaign service, we’d recommend Mail Chimp. If you or your group starts using Mail Chimp by going to their service via links we provide here, on all subscription forms, and on all our flyers, you receive a credit and we also receive a credit.

You, FCUAC, and a very good service all win.

MailChimp Banner

To start using Mail Chimp and get credits for you and FCUAC, click on the Mail Chimp logo above, at the bottom of one of our email flyers, or at the bottom of the subscribe sheet when you choose to subscribe.