Community Planning

Equinox in the eastern May Valley Subarea
FCUAC Community Subareas
Four Creeks UAC Community Subareas
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The Four Creeks service area is divided into 5 subareas for community and neighborhood planning. Each subarea covers land that has some sort of commonality. The Mountains subarea, for example, includes Cougar, Squak and Tiger Mountains.


The Four Creeks service area is divided into subareas.  The boundaries of the subareas should be considered initial.  Fine adjustments will be made as community planning helps inform the overall plan. The map above shows the current subarea boundaries.

  • The Mountains
  • The Plateau
  • May Valley
  • Issaquah Creek
  • Cedar Grove

Community Plan Examples

Community Plan Approach (DRAFT)

This is a simple draft list of some of the critical success factors that appear to be important to successful community planning:

  • Build outline from plan examples
  • Use subareas and communities
  • Lots and lots of maps and photos
  • Vision base; from the community