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Utility Right-of-Way Franchise

In accordance with state law, a franchise approved by the King County Council is required in order to use County road rights-of-way for the construction and maintenance of waterworks, gas pipes, telephone, telegraph and electric lines, sewers, cable TV, petroleum product pipelines, and other such public and private utilities.
Franchise Application – new, renewal, amendment, or transfer
Franchise Application Instructions
Franchise Application

By order dated September 4, 2018, the King County Superior Court ruled that King County lacked authority to impose franchise compensation or rent as provided in Ordinance 18403. King County is appealing this ruling. While the case is on appeal, the Facilities Management Division (FMD) does not intend to take further action to negotiate or collect franchise compensation as described in the Compensation Notice and Estimate sent to utilities earlier in 2018. In the event the Superior Court’s ruling is overturned on appeal, FMD intends to resume action on the Compensation Notices and Estimates, and will notify utilities of the steps that will be taken at such time.

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Regulation modernization for the region’s wineries, breweries, and distilleries

Executive Constantine proposed legislation that will modernize regulations to support the region’s wineries, breweries, and distilleries while protecting the environment and rural integrity of unincorporated King County.

Executive news 26 April 2018

Ordinance 2018-0241