Road transportation in the Four Creeks/Tiger Mtn area

A number of years back, FCUAC decided to capture comments about transportation in the area.  Shortly after, this data was projected so that it could be used on maps.


This is a list of transportation locations in the FCUAC service area.  It consists of points (intersections), lines (roads and road segments), and polygons (areas).  With some minor exceptions, every item is mapped.


Four Creeks has a program that builds maps for residents and communities.  One set of those maps are focused on transportation.

Some of the maps in the set are:

  • King County Roads priorities
  • FCUAC interests
  • Transportation (roads, bikes, transit, bike, pedestrian)
  • Corridors
  • Special area focus

All the transportation maps are on the Atlas site in the Maps>Gallery under the Thematic group. [broken link; add map links to this page]

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