The purpose of the FCUAC, as is the purpose of all UACs, is to act as a conduit between the citizens in the FCUAC area and public agencies. All of our members are active in their communities and are often involved with other citizen activist groups and participate actively with the government. With the access the FCUAC has with all of the King County government agencies along with the King County Council and its committees, the FCUAC has nurtured relationships throughout the county and, often with neighboring cities and the State of Washington.

The FCUAC is involved in the overall quality of life and livability in the Four Creeks area including its economic development and contribution to the character and culture of King County, Washington State, and the Northwest. Based on the understanding that residents in the area want to have access to their government and that government often relies on the UACs to help understand the reaction of the area to issues that may effect them, the FCUAC often brings key members of the government to its regular meetings.

The FCUAC subareas

Each subarea in King County has a unique character and the ability to describe it and its subareas aids in understanding the future vision, and therefore the planning, for these areas.

Four Creeks includes the unincorporated areas that lie roughly between Renton, Issaquah, Newcastle, and Maple Valley. Inside it’s boundaries are subareas like Cougar and Squak Mountains, the May Valley, Cedar Grove, Tiger Mountain, the plateau east of Renton, and other geographic subareas that share both local character and common issues of interest. More>>