This is a storage area for a variety of FCUAC administrative files, including processes and procedures, forms, and brand images.


Treasurer Processes and Procedures (Word) (PDF)
Accounting/Bookkeeping (Word) (PDF)


During its early history, FCUAC used to use an election process for board members. When the organization converted to a 501(c)(3) public charity it moved to an appointment method for board members. The election documents here are for historical

Election, Meeting (Word) (PDF)
Elections, Mail Ballot (Word) (PDF)
Uncontested Elections (Word) (PDF)
Voter Mailing Lists (Word) (PDF)
Election Calendar and Position Tables (Word) (PDF)
Member Appointments (Word) (PDF)


Validating/Adjusting District/Subarea/UAC Boundaries (Word) (PDF)


Financial reimbursement (Word) (PDF)
Donation acknowledgement (Word) (PDF)
Donation acknowledgement example (PDF)


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