Four Creeks UAC Regular Monthly Meeting

Next Meeting: Sept 21, 2016 7:00pm-9:00pm
Eastside Fire & Rescue Station 78
20720 SE May Valley Rd
Issaquah, WA 98027

1: John Taylor from King County to talk about Surface Water Management Fees. John is also the management focal for King Conservation District, and for the county’s local food initiative.
2: Status update on stream water quality testing.
3: Discussion on Memorandum of Understanding with King County DNRP, CARE (Citizens Alliance to Reach out and Engage) and Four Creeks UAC. More…
4: Report on Ida/Nalia blockwatch event

KC Comprehensive Plan Update

Striker Available

The King County Council has released the “striker” for the county’s Comprehensive Plan.  A striker is similar to a Word document with strikeout and addition notation.

There are many attachments on the web page. Before slogging through the actual Striker Amendment (30 pp) or the Redline version (109 pp), you may want to first look at the following (in order of priority):

The TrEE Committee will take up the striker on Tuesday, September 6 with a vote expected on September 20. It will be advertised for a public hearing and final action by the full Council in December.

New Council initiatives in the striker include:

  • Potential conversion of” Reserve Silica” mining site to a clustered rural subdivision
  • Transfer of Development Rights  – program review, examine the incorporation of other policy objectives including affordable housing
  • Alternative Housing Demonstration Project (microhousing)
  • Regional Affordable Housing Strategy (with cities)
  • Buildable Lands Methodology Review (with GMPC)
  • Carbon Neutral Implementation Plan for King County Government (will ultimately be folded into SCAP)
  • Regional Bicycle Network Planning Report

Executive Initiatives maintained in the striker include:

  • Maintains Urban Growth Area Boundary as is – no changes
  • New Comprehensive Plan performance measures program
  • Transfer of Development Rights Unincorporated Area Amenity funding pilot project
  • Regional Potential Annexation Area strategy (with GMPC)
  • Review of the Four-to-One Program (with GMPC)

Upcoming local events

CARE meeting: September 26th at 6:30 PM at Lord of Life Lutheran Church at the corner of SE 128th Street and 160th Ave. SE.

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Four Creeks/Tiger Mtn Programs

The Atlas Program

Bringing high quality maps and related data about communities to the residents of those communities. More…

Community Building through Safety

Safety-focused neighborhood events to stimulate community building. More…


Transportation conditions and needs. More…

Water Stewardship

Water stewardship in the May Creek and Issaquah Creek Basins. More…


Have an opportunity to help fund the FCUAC or need funding for a community project?
The funding mechanism for the UAC has changed. We are no longer funded by King County directly for our operations. As of June 30, 2013  we received notice from the IRS that we have been approved as a tax exempt 501 (c) (3) non profit organization. This allows us to receive tax deductible Bequests, devises, transfers, or Gifts under IRS code. Four Creeks intends for some funding available each year for community benefit projects. Our support of National Night Out is an example. This year, the UAC is also working on a project to make high-quality maps available to residents in the Four Creeks area.

If you have an idea for a project that would provide broad benefit in the Four Creeks area, send it along with your email address, or contact a current member.

Membership recruitment

Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council is looking for community volunteers to join the council. Contact us via email or stop by our next monthly meeting.

If you’d like to become a member (which only requires regular meeting attendance), please email the UAC or simply come to the meeting.

A description of the membership role, along with the appointment procedure can be seen here.


FCUAC and the organizations it engages with use lots of acronyms. This is a partial list.

ILA – Interlocal Agreement: A formal agreement between public jurisdictions. Examples include Eastside Fire and Rescue is an ILA between three fire districts. FCUAC is advocating for an ILA between King County and Renton to cover the unincorporated urban area on the plateau east of Renton.

PAA – Potential Annexation Area: A area of unincorporated King County that lies within the Urban Growth Boundary that has been formally identified for potential annexation by an individual city. The unincorporated area on the plateau east of Renton is a Renton PAA.

UGB/UGA – Urban Growth Boundary/Urban Growth Area: The boundary is a line and the area is the land inside the boundary. Designated which areas of King County are for urban land use. Unincorporated areas within the UGA are often Potential Annexation Areas.

Need a definition? Just email us.