FCUAC services are intended to enhance opportunities for residents to meaningfully participate in their neighborhoods and communities.

The Atlas Program

Bringing high quality maps and related data about communities to the residents of those communities. More…

Community Building through Safety

Safety-focused neighborhood events to stimulate community building. More…


Stream Stewardship

Stream habitat stewardship in the May Creek and Issaquah Creek Basins. More…

Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council is a 501(c)(3) charitable corporation focused on enhancing opportunities for meaningful participation by residents in their neighborhoods and communities.  Its board is made up of community volunteers.  A description of the membership role, along with the appointment procedure can be seen here.

FCUAC, and the organizations it engages with, use lots of acronyms. This is a partial list.

ILA – Interlocal Agreement: A formal agreement between public jurisdictions. Examples include Eastside Fire and Rescue is an ILA between three fire districts. FCUAC is advocating for an ILA between King County and Renton to cover the unincorporated urban area on the plateau east of Renton.

PAA – Potential Annexation Area: A area of unincorporated King County that lies within the Urban Growth Boundary that has been formally identified for potential annexation by an individual city. The unincorporated area on the plateau east of Renton is a Renton PAA.

UGB/UGA – Urban Growth Boundary/Urban Growth Area: The boundary is a line and the area is the land inside the boundary. Designated which areas of King County are for urban land use. Unincorporated areas within the UGA are often Potential Annexation Areas.

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