Community Safety

2017 National Night Out community event (flier)

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017 in the Ida and Nalia voting precinct blockwatch.

Community building through safety is one of the Four Creeks service areas.

National Night Out and Community Safety

FCUAC creates at least one community safety event each year

When begun in 2010, the event dates were the National Night Out dates in August.  A few years later the service evolved to also bring community safety to existing community event schedules.

Currently, the service has lead the creation of a community events, worked in support of community groups, and provided sponsorship funding to groups working independently.  As with all services, FCUAC can also support events with maps and spatial analysis.

The intent is to stimulate neighborhood block watch.

King County Sheriff Block Watch Handbook (PDF)

Pictures and reports:

2015 at May Valley Mobile Manor
2014 at Briarwood Elementary School
2013 at Maple Hills

Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness

Begun in 2016 in response to a local resident asking if any neighbors were interested in disaster preparedness.  In 2017, the service received its first grant for the effort.

The initial effort is for an area on the plateau east of Renton.  A separate domain name and web site has been created for the service.

The intent is to stimulate the creation of neighborhood emergency planning.