Maps & Spatial Analysis

Maps provide a unique description of geographic areas which can be valuable to neighborhood and community participation. They add a visual attribute to data.

Four Creeks has had volunteers with map and spatial analysis skills produce a wide variety of high-quality maps and related information for residents of communities and neighborhoods.

Map example (click to enlarge)

Map gallery

The map gallery contains a selection of indexed maps.

Requesting maps

You can request maps for your community or neighborhood by contacting Four Creeks UAC.

Want to learn map making?

Four Creeks has provided funding to students to help offset the cost of their GIS* education while giving them community projects to help develop their GIS skills.


If you have GIS skills and would like to help with mapping and spatial analysis just let us know.  It’s a good way to keep your GIS skills up to date while providing value to communities and neighborhoods.

*GIS: Geographical Information System, the term used for the suite of tools used for cartography (map making) and spatial analysis.