Maps & Spatial Analysis

The Atlas Program

Atlas is an FCUAC service that brings high-quality maps and related information to residents of communities and neighborhoods.

The Atlas web site contains hundreds of maps with new ones being added regularly. The site also includes a complete description of the Atlas Program including the relationship with students in the area.

Map example (click to enlarge)

Requesting maps

You can request maps for your community or neighborhood by contacting the Atlas Program via the contact information provided on the Atlas site.

Want to learn map making?

Four Creeks has provided funding to students to help offset the cost of their GIS* education.

Participating in Atlas

If you have GIS skills and would like to help with Atlas just let us know.  It’s a good way to keep you GIS skills up to date while giving back to your community.

*GIS: Geographical Information System, the term used for the suite of tools used for cartography (map making) and spatial analysis.