High Valley Saddle Club
High Valley Saddle Club is in the High Valley community in the May Valley subarea

The Four Creeks service area encompasses both rural and urban areas, each with its own character and, therefore, its own issues.

May Valley

Encompassing FCUAC districts 1, 7 and the northern part of district 9 this area sits on either side of the Renton-Issaquah Highway (SR-900). The basin includes an area that floods annually and is dissected by May Creek. Historically an agricultural area it includes large grazing areas where horses and other livestock can be seen. Much of the May Valley Basin has been considered a wetland which, along with the Critical Areas Ordinance, has developed into one of the major concerns for the area. More >>

The Mountains

District 6 encompasses the largest land area in the Four Creeks area and includes both Cougar Mountain and Squak Mountain, the farthest west foothills of the Cascade mountain range in Washington. The district also includes the Hi Valley precinct which lies along the southern face of Squak Mountain. More >>

Issaquah Creek

Encompassing FCUAC districts 10 and 11 this area includes Tiger Mountain State Park, the developments in and around Mirrormont, and the Hutchinson voting precinct which runs northeast of the Issaquah-Hobart Road all the way to SR 18. More >>

Cedar Grove

Defined by Cedar Grove Road, the subarea includes residential areas and large-footprint rural land uses including the King County Sanitary Landfill, Cedar Grove Composting, and Sunset Materials. More >>


Encompassing FCUAC districts 2, 3, 4 and 5 this area sits on the plateau east of Renton. It lies mostly inside the Urban Growth Boundary and is included in the Renton Potential Annexation Area. Its biggest challenge comes from its inclusion as an urban growth area and as a potential annexation area for the City of Renton. With enough buildable area that will result in a doubling of the population, preservation of quality of life as the area is built out becomes a very large issue.

The area is also of interest to FCUAC because it represents a potential buffer area between the rural areas of Four Creeks and the urban areas of Renton. The plateau also a major watershed into both May Valley and the Cedar River. More >>

For more on subarea and community planning look here>>

Lists of interest areas

A couple years ago the Four Creeks members and meeting attendees put together a preliminary list of intersections, road segments, and road areas of interest in the community.  A similar list was created for the services provided by King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks.

Residents are encouraged to send comments or updates to Four Creeks.

Road Interest Areas

DNRP Interest Areas