Cougar Mountain
Thanks to several key acquisitions, the park, originally created by a considerable outpouring of public support, has evolved over time to its current size of 3,100 acres. The park is connected to Squak Mountain State Park by the Cougar-Squak Corridor, which together create a protected area of public land of approximately 5,000 acres.

King County Unincorporated Area Councils*

Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council
Greater Maple Valley Unincorporated Area Council –
North Highline Unincorporated Area Council
Upper Bear Creek Community Council
Vashon-Maury Island Community Council –
West Hill Community Council

Parts of Four Creeks, along with all of North Highline and West Hill, are Potential Annexation Areas

*Note:  In 2010, King County moved away from the unincorporated area councils as a formal part of their citizen participation initiative, in part because the UAC boundaries covered only a relatively small portion of unincorporated King County.  Currently, the county has defined a number of Community Service Areas that, collectively, include all the unincorporated areas.  Some of the previous UACs still operate as community councils, including Four Creeks, that made the decision to become a 501(c)(3) public charity while still maintaining their original citizen participation initiative purpose.  Others, like Vashon-Maury Island, are transitioning to a new community council format.

Citizens groups inside the FCUAC area

Community Alliance to Reach Out and Engage
May Valley Environmental Council (no web site)
Save Squak Mountain
Save Cougar Mountain

Government, Municipal Corporations, and Public Agencies

King County
City of Renton
Water District 90
Eastside Fire and Rescue


Community plans, including basin plans, are linked in the Subareas section of the site