Regional Transportation Service Initiative (RTSI)

Regional Arterial Network (RAN)

In 1998-1999, King County proposed designating certain roads as part of a Regional Arterial Network, and then create a funding mechanism that included all jurisdictions. Roads like Issaquah-Hobart Rd would have been included. That mechanism was envisioned to more equitably fund road use, recognizing, city residents use the RAN but the cities make no contribution to its funding.

The proposal didn’t initially get enough traction to move forward, however, in 2016-2017, the Regional Transportation Services Initiative (RTSI) involving all jurisdictions in King County began.

As of early 2018, there was insufficient consensus amount leaders to move forward.

KUOW Radio program on rural roads in King County

Broadcast in April, 2015, it does a good job of showing some of the causes of the rural road situation. In a sense, the proposal is similar to the RAN proposal, although the KUOW broadcast focuses on the creation of a funding district.

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