Neighborhood Emergency Preparedness

Kits workshop downloads

Kit checklistsKitsComplete set of kit checklists for NEP, household, and individual.xlsThe first worksheet in the file is NOTES and contains descriptive information about the checklists.
Risk matrix-fullRiskFull risk matrix.xls .pdf A risk matrix lists all the types of hazards that could occur and includes data about each.  The matrix is used to help assess risk from each hazard.
Risk matrix-selectedRiskSelected natural disaster risk matrix.xls .pdfHalf dozen selected natural disasters
Scenario (summary)-earthquakeScenarioSummary of an earthquake scenario.doc .pdf
Scenario (full) earthquakeScenarioFull earthquake scenario.doc .pdfDown to the household and neighborhood levels
Kits assessmentKitsMeasure used to assess kit capabilities.xls .pdf-DRAFT-
Preparedness mindsetPlanningPreparedness context and other thoughts.doc .pdf
Workshop presentation-kitsPresentationKits workshop PowerPoint presentation.ppt
Neighborhood planPlanComplete neighborhood plan.docInclude all of the NET tasks, along with additional planning items

Kits descriptions

Grab and goTo shelter at work or school for at least 24 hours. Should include food, water and other necessities like medicines, as well as comfortable walking shoes, stored in a “grab and go” case.With individual or stored at work or school location (e.g. work, school)
IndividualSupplies specific to each individual, including pets, in the household.Stored in a know location in the household in a portable container (e.g. backpack)
VehicleStranded with vehicle or need to evacuate vehicle.In vehicles in a portable container (e.g. backpack).
HouseholdIncludes supplies for the household (e.g. food, water), some portion of which is in a portable container.Stored in a know location in the household.
SupplementalSupplemental supplies (e.g. water) for grab-and-go, individual, pet, or houshold evacuation kitsStored at work or at known location in the household or neighborhood.
Damage assessmentNeighborhood first-responder damage assessment task.Stored in the neighborhood in a portable container.
Search and rescueNeighborhood first-responder search and rescue task.Stored in the neighborhood in a portable container.
Logistics and shelteringNeighborhood first-responder logistics and sheltering task.Stored in the neighborhood in a portable container.
First aid/traumaNeighborhood first-responder first aid/trauma task.Stored in the neighborhood in a portable container.
CommunicationNeighborhood first-responder communication task.Stored in the neighborhood in a portable container.
Neighborhood captainNeighborhood first-responder captain task.Stored in the neighborhood in a portable container.


Tiger Mtn RanchettesCommunity, neighborhood, and block
Briar communityCommunity, neighborhood, and block.jpg.pdf
Ida/Nalia areaCommunity, neighborhood, and block


These are a few links that have guidance and/or reference material for emergency preparedness.

Emergency Planning GuideThe site focuses on family, neighborhood, and work emergency preparedness. It has an extensive number of "advisories", preparedness writings on a particular topic, along with guidance in a number of areas. Some of the planning materials are available for sale in paper or Kindle reader formats.
Map Your NeighborhoodThe Map Your Neighborhood program guides you and your neighbors through simple steps to help enhance your preparedness for an emergency.
Do One ThingThe site title implies it focuses on doing emergency preparedness one thing at a time.
Ready.govLaunched in February 2003, Ready is a National public service campaign designed to educate and empower the American people to prepare for, respond to and mitigate emergencies, including natural and man-made disasters. The goal of the campaign is to promote preparedness through public involvement.
Doom and BloomEmergency first aid education and supplies.
WA emergency management divisionThe Washington Emergency Management Division leads and coordinates mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery in Washington State to minimize the impact of disasters and emergencies on the people, property, environment and economy.
Seattle hazard readySeattle and King County Ready is designed to help educate and prepare people for disasters that occur in their area. Disasters don’t strike locations equally so they've found it important to give location specific information in order to properly prepare.
WA government alertsThis is a series of alerts that individuals can subscribe to.
ProPac Disaster SuppliesEmergency supplies for preparedness and response.