The UAC committees guide the internal workings of the UAC or monitor the activities of local jurisdictions for each subject area and communicate the needs of our citizens. Committees are created or extended for the upcoming year right after any election..

Committee meetings are generally called on an ad hoc basis when the need arises.

If any resident has a question or concern under any of these issues, or would like to participate on a committee, please contact us and we will connect you to the most knowledgeable councilmember for that subject.
Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made up of the current officers of the UAC and meets to deal with UAC specific issues.

Pete Eberle – President (chair)
Edie Jorgensen – Vice President
vacant – Recording Secretary
Tom Carpenter – Communication Secretary
Tom Carpenter (acting) – Treasurer

2011 Elections Committee

The Elections Committee deals with the annual election of FCUAC members and will be divided into two subcommittees, preparation and counting, as the election approaches.

Tom Carpenter (chair)
Pete Eberle
Edie Jorgensen
Rich Nelson
Paul Dutton
Dick Fackenthall
Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is focused on the means of communicating with, and receiving communication from citizens or the King County government.

No chair currently assigned
Growth Management Committee

The Growth Management Committee is focused on the subject of growth which is effecting both the rural and urban areas of the council.

No chair currently assigned
Law and Justice Committee

The Law and Justice Committee is focused on legal and enforcement issues that effect the area. Monthly reports from the King County Sheriff’s office are part of the L&J Committee efforts.

No chair currently assigned