Issaquah Walking Trails

Map and network analysis of the walking network and routes in Issaquah



Issaquah Trails

  • Walking trails and routes within the City of Issaquah
  • Connections of the city walking routes to the surrounding trail system
  • Issaquah walking trails project summary (Word)
  • Issaquah walking trails project notes, including metadata, process flows, method notes, etc. {Word)
  • Sidewalks in King County (PDF)
  • Sidewalk inventory study
  • EGB hydro centerline tool tested to convert existing sidewalk polygon data to individual polyline data. (The sidewalk data is used for impervious surface analysis by the city),


Large (41-inch by 27-inch) walking trails and routes poster.

Large (30-inch by 24-inch) walking trails and routes map that can be printed as a mosaic (i.e. multiple letter-sized pages).

The map includes the entire walking trails network in the city, along with possible walking routes, and origins (daytime population centers). The map is made available to residents for markup.

These, and other maps, can be found in the Maps>Gallery in the Thematic group.

Historical/reference maps


City of Issquah

The City of Issaquah is in eastern King County.

Many of the walking routes in the city have been mapped, with recent updates that include the plateau in the eastern portion of the city that has experienced rapid development.

Atlas is working with the Issaquah Environmental Council, a local non-profit, to map and provide network analysis, principally focused on trail interconnection and walking routes originating from city employment and other population centers.