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Geocoding (addresses, parcels, etc.)

A very common GIS process is to geocode tabluar data (e.g. addresses, parcels). For example, geocoding a street address results in a point file that can be used on maps.

An article on geocoding

  • In general, the end-to-end method is to extract data from an operational data store (e.g. Access system), geocoding it to produce a spatial file (e.g. feature, shapefile), and storing the output in a GIS resource environment (e.g. gdb).
  • The spatial file is then used in an environment that performs any spatial analysis and generates the map and/or map service.
  • The final portion of the end-to-end method is the map viewing environment, designed to provide maximum relevant decision support data to end-users of the map.

Atlas is working on the basics of a geocoding service with King Conservation District.

Tools (in work)

  • ArcGIS Desktop 10
  • ArcGIS Explorer Desktop: A free GIS viewer
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader


Atlas methods can sometimes be described as processes, functions, systems, or scenarios.


Atlas tools are the functional components used in the methods.