Increasing Capabilities is an Atlas strategic intent
Local residents are a component of that strategy.



Community Education Opportunities

ArcMap tool

GIS 121 Introduction to GIS (5)

Provides an overview of ArcGIS tools and three principal GIS software components: ArcMap, ArcCatalog, and ArcToolbox. Provides hands-on experience with ArcGIS tools and functionality. Provides experience working with various data models including shapefiles, coverages, geodatabases, and grids. Students create, manage, analyze, display georeferenced data. Emphasizes the value of effective communication through the use of georeferenced datasets and finished maps. PREREQUISITE: Concurrent enrollment in any of the following: BUS E 100, D T 100, GIS 102, NATRS 172; or instructor's permission. SEE GRCC web site for current information.


Atlas intends to get copies of ArcMap desktop software. This tool provides cartography and spatial analysis.

We'd like to talk to anyone in the community interested in learning GIS and contributing to some of the Atals projects.