Increasing Capabilities is an Atlas strategic intent --
GRCC GIS students are a critical component of that strategy.



GRCC GIS Student Opportunities

Atlas provides project and funding opportunities for GRCC GIS students.

Class projects

GIS 291 and GIS 292 are both project planning classes. 291 focuses on the methods and skills for GIS project management while 292 are the actual projects.

Atlas annually presents opportunities to GIS 291 and 292. We've found that the best GIS 291/292 projects are those with a heavy emphasis on analysis (as opposed to cartography, i.e. map making).

GIS 291 GIS Project Planning (2)

Assists students in developing specific skills in project planning. Students search and select a topic of interest for the final GIS project for implementation in GIS 292. Encourages students to communicate with the GIS community to find a real-world project which students do individually or in a group. Students learn to plan a project using time management and project scheduling techniques common to the industry. All students submit a written proposal for their GIS project plan, which is completed in GIS 292. SEE GRCC web site for current information

GIS 292 GIS Project (4-8)

Continuation of GIS 291. Students learn to use project planning and implement a project plan to completion. Students choose a specialty area of GIS for class project work and submit a complete written project. Possible specialties include natural resources/conservation, urban planning, national security, utilities, real estate, criminal justice or other areas of interest. Students apply knowledge learned throughout the GRCC GIS program to accomplish the final capstone project in GIS 292. If an appropriate opportunity exists, students may be able to address real-world projects through internship in government, private sector, or non-profit organizations. SEE GRCC web site for current information


GIS 177/178/179 GIS Work Experience 1 (1-12)

Allows students to work full or part-time in jobs directly related to their programs and interests. Students may receive a salary or volunteer. SEE GRCC web site for current information


GIS 255  Introduction to GIS Programming  (5)

Focuses on two GIS programming approaches for ArcGIS desktop: ArcObjects programming with Visual Basic Applications and Python programming. Students apply the principles of object-oriented programming to GIS applications. Explores how Python scripts add functionality to ArcGIS along with tools/buttons to call up these functions. Students also learn to write and debug scripts for ArcGIS. SEE GRCC web site for current information

GRCC GIS Students

J. Ted Couillard, GIS AA

GIS 292, GIS 255, GIS 177 (internship)

Lee Emmett, GIS AA

GIS 292

Chuck Neodolf, GIS AA

BSA Alpine District food drive

Dan Alden, GIS AA student

GIS 177 (internship)

Brian Gilmore, GIS AA

Friend of Atlas

Harry Morgan, GIS AA

Greater Maple Valley Area Council support

Janice Hammerstron, GIS Certificate

GIS 291/292

Melissa Kelly, GIS AA

GIS 291/292

Heidi Pettit, GIS AA

GIS 291/292

Student Projects