The Atlas Management System

UAC Program Management, GRCC GIS Department


Program and Fund Management

  • The Four Creeks Unincorporated Area Council will provide Atlas Program management.
  • The UAC will provide funding to the GRCC GIS program via the GRCC Foundation (Foundation).
  • Atlas revenues are used to reimburse members for their expenses (e.g. web site, print tests) or to provide funding to the GRCC GIS program.
  • The Foundation will provide administrative oversight of the funding.
  • Disbursement requests of the Foundation are expected to come from the GRCC business office.
  • All expenditures must be approved by the GRCC GIS head and the FCUAC Atlas Program liaison prior to disbursement.
  • Expenditures are for GRCC GIS student(s) tuition (GIS 177 Internship, GIS 255 Programming)


  • Atlas Program Management
  • GRCC Foundation
  • GRCC Business Office
  • Student