Community Planning

GIS in support of community planning




Community planning is one of the strongest examples of resident participation.

To do the work, residents need to, at least temporarily, suspend the belief they cannot influence the future of their communities. In the face of all the forces that are interested in actually influencing that future, it requires a leap of faith by residents to take on community planning.

For residents to take on the task of creating a vision for a community is profound.

Project Documents

Community Plan Examples

  • Renton Benson Hill community web page
  • Renton Benson Hill Community Plan
  • Benson Hill subarea plan outline
  • Benson Hill action plan
  • Benson Hill action plan image list

Additional information and other examples can be found on the Four Creeks UAC community planning web page

Community Plans

Minimize text; maximize images

Part of the project is to investigate existing community plans that might be used as examples.

The FCUAC community planning web page shows plans that have been reviewed.

The City of Renton Benson Hill Community Plan is highlighted here becaue of its significant use of maps and photos.

Atlas is interested in plans that minimize text and maximize images and data.

Heritage, present, and vision

Community plans can include history, current conditions, and/or visions of the future.

For the history view, Atlas supports projects to digitize, georeference, and, if necessary, orthorectify aerial photos, survey maps, and explorer maps.