Democracy is not a spectator sport
THIS PAGE IS BEING ELIMINATED (Four Creeks no longer uses elections for it’s board members)

The Four Creeks UAC holds public elections every two (2) years at the regular November UAC meeting.


Any person who has their primary residence within the boundaries of the Four Creeks Unincorporated Area is eligible to vote in UAC elections.

Voting is done in person at the Election Meeting.

Four Creeks Boundary
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FCUAC has ten member districts.

Four Creeks Unincorporated Area

The Four Creeks UAC serves residents of the unincorporated area east of Renton and Newcastle, south of Bellevue and Issaquah, and north of the Tahoma School District. The area covers just under 50 square miles and includes both urban unincorporated and rural areas.

The FCUAC service area is divided into ten Districts, each with one member, with five additional At-Large members.

To determine your precinct, refer to your voter registration card.


  • Any person registered to vote in King County and has their primary residence within the boundaries of the Four Creeks Unincorporated Area is eligible to run for a FCUAC position
  • Candidates may run for the open District position where they maintain their primary residence
  • Candidates may also run for an open At-Large position subject to the UAC rules governing geographical diversity of membership
  • Candidates must submit a Declaration of Intent
  • The Declaration of Intent must include full name, address, the voting precinct within which the candidate resides, and the district or at-large position running for
  • Candidates may declare for only one open UAC position
  • Candidates may submit their Declaration at the Election Meeting. No other notification is required for candidates attending the Election.
  • Candidates attending the Election Meeting will be given an opportunity to make a 2-minute campaign statement
  • Candidates who cannot attend the Election Meeting (absentee) may submit their Declaration via email to council@fourcreeks.org or via mail to: Four Creeks Election, P.O. Box 3501, Renton, WA 98056. Absentee declarations must be received by the “due date for absentee” specified in the election calendar.
  • Absentee candidates may also submit a brief campaign statement with their Declaration
  • Absentee candidate Declarations and Statements will be read by an Election Committee member the night of the election
  • By declaring intent, candidates agree to support the objectives of the UAC, to conform to its bylaws, and behave in an appropriate manner
  • Campaign Statements must be no more than 200 words and under two (2) minutes when read aloud (sample campaign statement)

For additional information including district maps, visit www.fourcreeks.org or e-mail council@fourcreeks.org.

Election Meeting

  • Voters register and receive their voting “card” when arriving at the Election
  • Voting for District positions will be restricted to registered residents of the District
  • Voting for At-Large positions will be available to all registered residents


These are answers to some common questions about the FCUAC elections:

“Four Creeks used to use mail ballots for elections. Has that changed?”

YES: The cost of using mail ballots has become prohibitive. Other UACs use an Election Meeting for their elections.

“If I don’t get elected, are there other membership opportunities?”

YES: Members may be appointed to positions not filled by an election. The UAC works on appointments between the election and the January meeting when the new membership is seated.

Email additional questions to council@fourcreeks.org

Member Positions

As part of a 4-year transition to bi-annual elections and 4-year terms, all member positions were subject to election in 2011.  At that time, all odd-numbered District positions were elected for 2-year terms. All even-numbered District positions and all At-Large positions were elected for 4-year terms.
This means that in 2013 all odd-numbered District positions and any vacant even-numbered or At-Large positions are up for election.

In 2013, District positions #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #9 and At-Large position #5 are up for election.

2013 Election Positions

2013 Election Positions


2013-2014 Election Calendar

Proposed Bylaw Changes

An annual update to the District/Precinct list in the FCUAC bylaws has been proposed.  Vote on the changes is scheduled for the September, 2013 regular FCUAC meeting.

Proposed bylaw markup (Word)


Although FCUAC elections since 2011 have been done at the regular November meeting, the UAC does maintain procedures for conducting a mail ballot election if warranted in the future.  In addition, although not directly a part of the election process, appointments are closely related so the procedure is included here.

Mail Ballot elections PDF Word

Meeting elections PDF Word

Appointments PDF Word