FCUAC Voting Precincts

Four Creeks UAC Voting Precincts
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The Four Creeks service area covers just under 50 square miles and includes both urban unincorporated and rural areas. Although there are exceptions, most of the Four Creeks boundary aligns to King County Voting Precincts.
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FCUAC Districts and Precincts

Four Creeks UAC Member Districts
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The Four Creeks service area is divided into 10 member districts designed to be geographically dispersed assuring a broad view of the area.
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FCUAC Community Subareas

Four Creeks UAC Community Subareas
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The Four Creeks service area is divided into 5 subareas for community and neighborhood planning. Each subarea covers land that has some sort of commonality. The Mountains subarea, for example, includes Cougar, Squak and Tiger Mountains.
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Included here are the basic maps of the Four Creeks service area including voting precincts, UAC districts, and UAC subareas. Additional maps, along with printable versions of these and other maps, can be found on the Atlas site.  The Four Creeks maps can be found in the Maps>Gallery in the District Group.

A list of UAC Districts and their current members can be found here.

Transportation interest areas and maps added to Atlas

A list of intersections and road segments of interest to the Four Creeks residents has been added to the Atlas site in the Four Creeks Project area.

The Atlas Program

The Atlas program is an FCUAC strategy that brings high quality maps and related information to residents of communities and neighborhoods.